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Why you should take advice from us

We want to help you. You can trust us because we are experienced retailers of computer equipment, and we are dealing with customers every day. However specific your needs are, chances are we had someone with a similar request recently. Read the advice given here carefully and you will be able to find the best model that fits your budget. 

If you are buying a computer to play the latest games, be prepared to spend a lot of money.

_ Predrag Janković

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Three steps

1. Search on the web
Find several models that have the right specs.
2. Choose the model
Find the best of them that fits your budget.
3. Decide where to buy
Based on the price and quality of service.

Main components of a PC:

The most important parts of a computer are:

  1. Processor: you have to decide between Intel and AMD.
  2. Memory: the more the better, 8GB is usually enough.
  3. Hard disk: traditional or SSD, one of each if you can afford.
  4. Graphics card: it is important if you are into games.
  5. Power supply: it is very important that it's reliable.

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